Start Meditating With Emma Mills – A Short Course


Start Meditating

A Short  Video Course With Emma Mills (2016)

The Complete Guide To Daily Meditation

In this video course, you’ll learn how to practice 5 different styles of meditation as well as learning how to sit and when to do your practice.

So many of the people I meet tell me they often don’t have the time to undertake lengthy courses but they do want to know how to meditate so they can discover if it is something they’d like to take up as part of their wellness routine.

Being an hour long this course won’t replace an in-depth discovery of all things meditation, such as we might undertake in the 8 or 16 hour meditation programmes. What it will do is give you a neat middle between the beginner guides you see on blogs and YouTube, and the lengthier courses available.

I hope Start Meditating will offer you an easy way to explore your interest in both wellbeing and meditation. If you do find, having taken the course, that you can’t wait to learn more you could go on to take one of the longer, more in-depth courses available. For example, Relish, the in-depth guide to meditation and food Or read my new book Inhale. Exhale. Repeat 

Start Meditating is open to everyone of all levels.

Time Period

You can watch one video lesson at a time (roughly 3-10 mins each ) or take the entire course from start to finish in just under an hour.

What You’ll Get

  • 54 minutes of tuition featuring 7 video guides and 3 short guided audio meditations
  • Practical exercises to try
  • Practical teachings on how to sit when to meditate
  • Frequently asked questions and helpful advice
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Practices in self discovery



Terms and Timeline: This is a digital learning programme delivered via email link upon purchase. You can access it through your course dashboard, when you log into Please understand that that we aren’t able to take returns on digital products or offer refunds. Once you buy this product you will have full access to it via this website for 1 year. Please be sure to download the audio files you wish to keep. If after 1 year you’d like access again please email Emma at for advice.

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