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RELISH is a 100% digital mindful eating course designed by meditation expert and wellbeing author Emma Mills BSc Psych. Mindful eating is a way of approaching food that is easy and natural and intelligent.

This digital course will help you better understand why you eat the way you do and walk you through step by step practical ways of forming a new, healthier relationship with food based on self love, inner intelligence and joy.

RELISH will guide you through the process of mindful eating and show you exactly how to do it successfully, so that it becomes a natural and effortless part of your life going forward.

RELISH is for you if

  • You want to focus on your wellbeing and bring mindfulness into your kitchen
  • You’re interested in finding a way of eating that’s perfectly balenced for you and your unique body. Not based on restrictions, but instead on self awareness, freedom and presence.
  • You want to change the way you view yourself in relation to food, focussing less on dress size and judgement and more on self love and optimal health and happiness so that food and eating can become a joyful, natural way to nourish your mind and body
  • You want to wipe to diet slate clean and tune back into your own unqiue bodies intelligence as to what it needs rather than what it wants or should have, feeling more in your body and over analysing less in your thinking mind.
  • You want to re-find the perfect amount of food for your body, the natural size and weight of your body and to feel confident and content within yourself.
  • You want to develop your intuition, calm and inner strength 

RELISH isn’t for you if

  • You want a quick fix or a loose weight fast cure  
  • You need to learn what makes up a balanced and healthy diet
  • You have a health concern and you want to know which foods you should and shouldn’t be eating to aid it. You should be in touch with your doctor and a nutritionist in the first instance.
  • You have allergies or have been advised by your doctor to follow a particular diet you should always follow their advice before taking  RELISH. 
  • You’re currently having treatment for or have a history of mental ill health or an eating disorder. this course may not suitable for you. Please talk it through with your doctor before enrolling.

What’s Inside

  • A 90-page smart, practical and beautifully laid out full colour course guide. (PDF)
  • 22 practical exercises and meditations you can begin using right away
  • Poetry prescriptions and healthy lifestyle inspiration
  • The RELISH audio meditation album (6 audio tracks to listen to) 
  • NEW: An hour-long creators commentary with Emma talking you through the making of the course and sharing personal insights. 

Course Feedback

“That’s where I personally found Relish so helpful. It made me ask myself questions I never thought to ask…even my nutritionist never asked me…and some of my own answers shocked me…some were a huge revelation. I can finally say, I am slowly finding my own balance again. I realized just how important it is to be mindful and ask yourself the right questions.” Via Instagram

“That course really changed my life! Not only I now have a much better relationship with food, but I am also much more mindful about it with my own children as well. My entire family has benefited 😁 I can’t wait to see the updated content!” Via Instagram 

“Relish is jam-packed with good stuff and you’ll want to read it over and over again. As a self confessed foodie I now realise that my eating habits had been slowly spiralling out of control. This book is so easy to relate to and offers an inspiring re-think of food, mood and mindfulness. Each chapter is insightful and beautifully presented. You won’t be able to wait to do your weekly food shop after the Mindful Shopping section! The accompanying audio tracks were also lovely and gave a perfect  introduction to meditation.”  Julie Rose, Via Email 

Course Outline


Module 1: Introduction to meditation mindfulness + simple ‘Bread And Butter’ meditations.

Module 2: Understanding hunger, habits, cravings and willpower

Module 3: Creating a mindful kitchen for you and your family, shopping, food sensitivity,  refinding the fun of dining, pantry prep + dinner party ideas. 

Module 4: Preparing, cooking, eating & sharing. 

Module 5: Self-love and body image.

Module 6: Take your mindful eating with you wherever you go. At work, eating out and travelling + snacking

Module 7: Fulfilment, happiness and success in your wider life and goals.

When you buy RELISH you’ll be redirected to a new page featuring all of your course materials. You can download them to your computer, smartphone. You might also like to print the guide so that you have it to hand to hand over meal times.


Terms and Timeline

When you buy RELISH you’ll be redirected to a new page featuring all of your course materials. You can download them to your computer, smartphone or tablet. Many devices give you the option to either the computer, to a file or to open in I-reader or I books. 

You will also get an email containing a list of digital downloads.

Due to the number of requests and the variety of devices in use, Emma is not able to assist each person who buys the programme with technical support.

This is a digital learning programme delivered via email link upon purchase.You can access it through your course dashboard, when you log into Please understand that that we aren’t able to take returns on digital products or offer refunds. Once you buy this product you will have full access to it via this website for 1 year. Please be sure to download the audio files you wish to keep. If after 1 year you’d like access again please email Emma at for advice.


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