Relax + De-Stress – A Guided Audio Meditation Programme To Help You Relax + De-Stress


Relax + De-Stress

A Guided Audio Meditation Programme To Help You Relax + De-Stress

Each meditation in the Relax and De-Stress audio programme has been specifically created to help you feel great and create a sense of calm in your mind and body.

What’s inside:

  • Introduction
  • Five specific meditations and guided practices for relaxation and calm
  • Narrated by Emma Mills and using guided imagery, mindfulness, gentle breathing and storytelling to help you relax and de-stress

Guided meditations that are both informative and deeply relaxing, which means you’ll get the support and care you need to relax in the moment, and over time you’ll develop the powerful skill of meditation for yourself, which you can call on in the future. The practices and meditations draw on breathing techniques, guided visualisations, music meditations and mindfulness.

How to take this programme

You can listen to just one at a time, perhaps one 5 minute meditation per day. When you want a longer session simply let the programme play the whole way through for an hours session. 


Helpful Information:

Once you complete your purchase, you will be get an email directing you to a new page featuring all of your audio meditations. It is best to save them onto a computer, and from there you can move them between your other devices. This is a digital learning programme delivered via email link upon purchase.You can access it through your course dashboard, when you log into Please understand that that we aren’t able to take returns on digital products or offer refunds. Once you buy this product you will have full access to it via this website for 1 year. Please be sure to download the audio files you wish to keep. If after 1 year you’d like access again please email Emma at for advice.



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