Energy – A Guided Audio Meditation Programme To Bring Happiness and Energy



A Guided Audio Meditation Programme To Bring Happiness and Energy

Guided Meditations For Happiness and Increased Energy 

Although it’s often thought of as a way to relax, meditation can be a highly invigorating practice. According to Charles Murnieks, an assistant professor of strategy and entrepreneurship in Oregon State University’s College of Business,

“as little as 10 minutes a day, of mindfulness practice may have the same benefits as an extra 44 minutes of sleep a night.”

What’s inside:

  • Introduction
  • Five specific meditations and guided practices to inspire happiness and vitality!
  • Narrated by Emma Mills and using guided imagery, mindfulness lessons, vibrancy breathing and presence to help you feel invigorated. 

Fully downloadable

This is a digital programme featuring 6 audio tracks. You can save them to your phone, pop in your headphones and listen along.

How to take the programme

Practice one short meditation a day for (5 mins time commitment) Or, press play and listen to the entire programme all the way through for a longer 45 minute lesson.


Terms and Timeline: This is a digital learning programme delivered via email link upon purchase. You can access it through your course dashboard, when you log into Please understand that that we aren’t able to take returns on digital products or offer refunds. Once you buy this product you will have full access to it via this website for 1 year. Please be sure to download the audio files you wish to keep. If after 1 year you’d like access again please email Emma at for advice.


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